Celebrate Bonfire Night with these Outdoor Activities!

November 1st, 2017 by

Bonfire Night

November 5th is Bonfire Night, so get ready for a night of fun! Here’s a list of some exciting games and activities you can enjoy with the family during this early November holiday. Pro Tip: Be sure to have some great prizes on deck!

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Add to the Story

Campfires usually put you in the mood for story time. So, be sure to add this game to your to-do list! The rules are simple. One person starts telling a story, and as you go around the circle each person adds on to the tale. In the end, you’ll have a funny (or spooky) story that you all created! This is a great way to get those imaginative juice flowing. Plus, it doesn’t require any prior preparation!

I Spy

Another no-prep game is the classic, I Spy. To play this game, one person will say, “I spy with my little eye…” and say the color of what they see. Then, everyone will try to guess what they are looking at. The person to guess first wins, and is the next spy.

DIY Game of Phones

In this digital age, even at a backyard bonfire, your cell phone is likely to be with you. So, why not add it into your list of fun activities? Make your own “Game of Phones” by writing down a variety of things to do on your phone (write these things down on separate card or small sheets of paper). For instance, you can write “Find the best selfie”, “Play the first song that comes up on shuffle”, “Show your most useless app”, or “Best wallpaper wins a prize”. Then, when you’re ready to play, simply pull a card and decide as a group who wins each round!

Saran Wrap/Tape Ball

This game is lots of fun! You’ll need to prepare before-hand, but it’s definitely worth it. Start by gathering a bunch of great goodies. You can select snack-sized packs of candy, gum, or any other small items you want to add in. Then, use Saran Wrap and tape to wrap these items into a ball, gradually adding more items to each layer as the ball grows. Be sure to make it big and hard to get into!

On Bonfire Night, get ready to play! Pass the ball to the first person. As they hurry to unwrap it, the next person in line hurriedly rolls a pair of dice in an effort to roll doubles. Once they roll doubles, it’s their time to take a shot at unraveling the ball. Each person can keep the treasure that they obtain during their turn, but the best prize is in the center!


You and your family are sure to enjoy these Bonfire Night activities. Then, once the sun comes up, stop by and visit us here at Alexander Chevy Buick for a family vehicle that will allow you to drive in style!

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